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Asset Management & Lean Consultants

AMIS, Reliability, World Class Operations and Asset Care Excellence with MCP

Working with the world’s best – MCP provide Global Asset Management Excellence and Business Improvement Consultancy. We are lean consultants and business improvement specialists, that provide Maintenance, Reliability and Lean consulting solutions to help you continuously assess, improve and engage, delivering world class performance. 

MCP help companies within food & drink, pharmaceutical, facilities management, transport, logistics, utilities and manufacturing sectors worldwide reduce their operational costs by providing:

Our Lean Consultants

We have an expert team of lean consultants that are highly experienced and fully qualified in lean manufacturing and lean management best practice and techniques. Our lean manufacturing consultants have worked across a range of industries, and can apply their lean principles to reduce any inefficiencies or waste in your organisation. MCP has helped clients that have taken ‘lean principles’ on board reduce errors and costs, while increasing customer satisfaction. Contact one of our friendly team now to talk through our consultancy options.

Our values

MCP are committed to building and sustaining long lasting business relationships with customers, helping them consistently meet business objectives and continue to improve and grow.

We are always looking for ways to improve our own processes and become more efficient and will always share and advise our customers the most practical and beneficial solutions, continuing to offer value throughout the duration of our relationship. As expert advisors to our customers we are also clear and open about everything, ensuring that everything is clearly communicated to you throughout.

Our employees are all highly experienced and driven, motivated to make a difference to your organisation and help your business reach its potential.

Industry knowledge

MCP have worked with a customers in a range of different industries, including; pharmaceutical, food & drink, chemical, utilities, paper, automotive, services, transportation and facilities management. We understand that every industry is unique and operates in a different way, which is why we have a range of industry experts that enable us to recognise the differences in every industry. Our lean consultants know exactly how your industry works, which puts them in a unique position of combining industry knowledge with innovative thinking.

How lean consulting can transform your business

MCP always strive to deliver significant and meaningful improvement to an organisation, ensuring they are maximising their business performance. As the demands from customers and employees continue to rise, businesses are forced to adapt to operate at a high and more efficient level.  Our lean manufacturing consultants can help you with the following:

  • Reduce waste

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Increase efficiency

  • Improve employee performance

  • Reduce costs per transaction

  • Increase overall profitability

Learn more about our lean consultants and services, and how we help businesses become lean.

Lean manufacturing consultants

If you need to reduce your manufacturing costs while improving levels of production in a short time frame, MCP have a dedicated reduction programme that will help you make drastic changes to your production line and help your business meet your goals.

Our ten week cost reduction programme will deliver results in just 6-8 weeks, and can help reduce costs by at least 10%, while increasing output by around 20%. This programme is the perfect solution for ambitious businesses that are looking to improve profits and improve.

Many programmes focus on becoming more efficient, without fully assessing or understanding what is being done, however, here at MCP we offer a different approach. We are more ‘hands on’ and have to work and communicate with people on all levels of your organisation, as this gives the big picture of the business and helps outline all inefficiencies.

learn more about our how to reduce your operational costs and become more profitable.

Accredited training courses

Our training courses are available in Reading, Solihull and Derby, while we also have the facility to provide on site training to ensure your operators, technicians, engineers and operational managers possess the required skills they need to operate and push your organisation forward. Our trainers are experienced, industry professionals, ensuring that your staff receive the latest and most innovative training solutions and gain maximum benefit out of the training.

Lean training courses

We provide a variety of lean training courses that can help transform your lean manufacturing processes, helping you increase overall efficiency and deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction. MCP are proud to offer lean training courses that have a genuine impact on your business and help you create more value for your customers, making them an ideal solution for businesses seeking improvement.

The training will be delivered by our highly experienced lean manufacturing consultants, who possess the expertise and knowledge to make a positive impact on your business. We provide our training courses in three locations; Reading, Solihull and Derby.

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