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MCP Consulting Group Ltd is a UK based consultancy firm established in 1987. We are asset management consultants and business improvement specialists, that provide maintenance, reliability and asset management consulting solutions to help you continuously assess, improve and engage, delivering world class performance.


MCP are asset management consultants and business improvement specialists, that provide maintenance, reliability and asset management consulting solutions to help you continuously assess, improve and engage, delivering world class performance.

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Asset Management and Maintenance

MCPs asset management consultancy services enable the business to manage their assets and systems in a sustainable way.

Asset Management and Maintenance

Business Improvement

MCP’s business improvement programmes offer a series of changes to processes, systems, culture and working practices that deliver real business benefits.

Business Improvement

Technology & IOT

MCP's technology-enhanced services are focused on supporting clients’ future business objectives to give them a firm foundation upon which to grow. Our rapidly expanding global partnership network offer clients a wide range of technical expertise and complementary software products.

Technology & IOT


MCP provides training to ensure your operators, technicians, engineers and operational managers develop the required skills to enhance your organisations knowledge and processes. Training can be delivered at our centres in Reading, Solihull and Derby, we also have the facility to provide on-site training.

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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is an essential part of the ongoing drive for product, process and service quality. MCP’s range of CI programmes provide the tools for organisations to regularly review their business processes that drive constant and sustained improvements.

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Maintenance & Asset Management

Considered ‘best in class', these programmes enable businesses to manage their maintenance and assets in a sustainable way. Our methodologies optimise business performance through effective asset maintenance and whole-life cost approach.

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Technical Skills

Fast-changing regulations, rapidly advancing technology and customer aspirations, mean that it is essential to keep staff up to speed with developments in technology and regulations. By providing training, staff will be more motivated, more skilful and more productive.

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Upcoming Training Events

25 Jun - 26 Jun, 2018

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling is designed to provide an understanding of the principles associated with work management including: Preventive maintenance Predictive maintenance Corrective work and repairs Maintenance projects and refurbishments It will provide you with the basis for impleme...

2 Jul - 5 Jul, 2018

Mechanical to Electrical – Part 2

Mechanical to Electrical – Part 2 is aimed at technicians who have completed Part 1 of the mechanical to electrical programme, or have some basic understanding of electrical systems. This City and Guilds accredited 16-day programme is offered across 4 parts, each part consisting of a 4-day progra...

9 Jul - 11 Jul, 2018

Maintenance Excellence Trilogy

The Maintenance Excellence Trilogy was originally developed in the UK for a leading automotive company which has been received to great acclaim and adopted across other sites. This City & Guilds accredited 8-day programme, specifically structured to improve career progression, is offered in 3 m...

9 Jul - 12 Jul, 2018

Mechanical to Electrical – Part 1

The Mechanical to Electrical – Part 1 4-day programme is designed for technicians who have no previous electrical background, to enable them to perform high frequency, low risk, first-line electrical maintenance tasks including safe isolation, replacement and testing of a range of common electrica...

Our Process


The first process to improvement is to measure the current business and scope for improvement; identifying opportunities for reducing cost and improving efficiency levels. To break down the barriers to improvement.


The second process is to build a robust framework which provides structure for the workforce; improved employee morale, cooperation and organisational commitment; successful adoption of new processes and systems that deliver positive outcomes. To build stronger business communities


The final process to improvement is minimising cost and improving key performance measures; combining the knowledge and skills of the operations and maintenance teams; ensuring these are supported by the other business functions to achieve these goals. To drive sustainable business change.

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MCP a very international affair!

Here are some great shots of a recently delivered Johson&Johnson MAMC training in Mumbai, India.   LEFT: One of the students delivering his project presentation. RIGHT: Group selfie. Dave Porrill, MCP’s Principal Consultant, delivered the training and gained much respect from the delegates. One even requesting if Dave could be his mentor as he wanted … Read More

10 Top Tips for Lean Equipment Reliability

Lean is about eliminating waste from any business process, not just manufacturing. However, many organisations that introduce a “lean thinking” approach to production environments pass over the opportunity to improve equipment reliability and the bottom line. It is simply not possible to create a thoroughly lean production process without a robust plan to maintain equipment … Read More

Keeping the biscuit factory operating

Published in Management Magazine:11/04/2018 At Pladis’ 50,000-square metre factory in Harlesden, West London, over 80 million biscuits are made each day. Keeping the lines running, then, is a major challenge. This task falls on the shoulders of the plant’s Advanced Team Members (ATMs), who work on the shopfloor producing some of the country’s, and the … Read More

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