The true value of training

“Training is a discipline that business should embrace, but all too often, the value of training is underestimated”. says John Saysell, MCP’s Head of Business Development and Training Practice Manager.

Not, only does he understand the benefits of continuous training, he clearly takes this seriously in both his work and pleasure hours.

John is pictured below, as he put it, ‘dying a death’ at the top of a hill, in Brickendon time trial last Tuesday. Unequivocal proof that he practices what he preaches and certainly understands that a planned training programme will enhance performance and always pay-off. 

The outputs of robust training and development plans

• Improve morale and motivation and job satisfaction
• Improve performance and service
• Develop staff and give them an individual training plan
• Define the maintenance roles more clearly
• Retain staff for longer
• Have evidence of competence and records of training
• Comply with legislation
• Reduce costs (through less waiting time) through flexibility
• Embed a transparent grading structure
• Reduce reliance on mobile, regional or contracted staff
• Align training with business needs

Speak to John about MCPs Training extensive Portfolio – it’s an opportunity for him to catch his breath.

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