AMIS is the original maintenance assessment tool – proven over 30 years.

The Siam Winery was established in 1986 and is now South East Asia’s leading wine company. Annual production capacity is over 80 million litres with regular production of greater than 1 million units per day. Located in Samutsakhon, 30 miles south-west of Bangkok, the winery imports and blends using locally cultivated grapes from the 300 acres of vineyards.

There are two main production departments on site. The first is the ‘Cooler’ area which produces the high volume ‘Spy’ range products. Spy Wine Cooler has been the premier ready-to-drink brand among Thais for the past 30 years and has dominated the Asian market. The second area focuses on production and bottling of still wine.  The Siam Winery imports a vast array of wines, that cater for consumers every taste and budget.

Last week, Richard Fathers, Senior Consultant, MCP Consulting Group Ltd. carried out the third AMIS Assessment in a series currently being delivered. He is pleased to report that the Siam Winery is making good progress year-on-year.

AMIS (Asset Management Information Service), is a 3-5 day on-site audit (dependent on facility size), is the first choice for any business professional tasked with manufacturing and maintenance performance because it is the most established and proven recognised industry standard in the market.

The AMIS Assessment enables clients to assess accurately how their operations compare with the competition and known industry benchmarking standards. The service is the first step on the Journey to World-Class Business Performance and assists organisations across the entire production process from start to finish. Whilst on the AMIS journey organisations focus on the right areas for improvement and provides a platform, which they can improve efficiency, increase sales and profitability and encourage others within the organisation.