We teach delegates the theory of the different fault finding techniques. To build on this understanding we get delegates to apply these techniques using our purpose built training rigs. We are able to switch faults on and off. The rigs employ programmable controller, electro-pneumatic and relay technologies.

Learning by doing consolidates the training, as backed up by Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning. Our training courses are designed to offer hands-on experience in the practical application of pneumatics and electro-pneumatic devices.

The video is an Electro-Pneumatic training rig with Relay Control. This rig is used in two of our courses. The first one is the Logical Approach to Fault Finding course (LAFF) which is 3 days training course. The second course is the Mechanical to Electrical Part 4  (M-E 4)  which is 4 days training course.

These give our delegates a valuable opportunity to actually practice different fault-finding methods that they have learned in their theory session.

For more information about courses support by our rigs – please click the links below:
Logical Approach to Fault Finding and Root Cause Analysis
Mechanical to Electrical Part 4