Have you ever wondered what to do with your old tools and equipment? Here’s an idea… Tools With A Mission (TWAM) are a charitable organisation who collect unwanted tools, computers & IT equipment and sewing machines, refurbish them, sort them into trade kits and send them across the world to support livelihood creating projects.

TWAM sends around 20 containers, filled with over 300 tonnes of tools and equipment every year, to African countries, where they are donated to local people, who are then trained to set up their own businesses.

This provides opportunities far beyond giving individuals the means of paying the bills; the gift of tools has helped transform entire communities by building a health centre, helped to fight abuse, defeat prostitution and provide homes and education for orphans. Read more about the work that TWAM do and the difference it makes to people lives.

Peter Gagg, MCP Consulting Group CEO, has just started working as a volunteer, refurbishing tools at the Kenilworth Refurbishment Centre.

“It’s a rewarding way to spend a Saturday morning and a very worth-while cause” says Peter.

The 2000th kit of tools ready to go to Africa from the Kenilworth Refurbishment Centre.

With a nationwide network of 200 volunteer collectors, it is easy to donate any unwanted tools and equipment. You can see a list of the tools wanted and how to contact your nearest collector here.

There are different ways to help; through volunteering, donating or gifting. You can find out more from the TWAM website.