Training Needs Analysis

Effective training programmes

Analysing what training focus is required is the most important element to deliver an effective training programme. Training staff without a plan may miss priorities or even cover topics that are not essential to the business.

MCPs Training Needs Analysis enables organisations to channel resources into the areas where they are needed the most and as a result, the business will gain relevant employee development, enhanced staff morale and better organisational performance.

Through the introduction of a robust training and development plan, there is an opportunity to:

  • Improve morale and motivation and job satisfaction
  • Improve performance and service
  • Develop staff and give them an individual training plan
  • Define the maintenance roles more clearly
  • Retain staff for longer
  • Have evidence of competence and records of training
  • Comply with legislation
  • Reduce costs (through less waiting time) through flexibility
  • Embed a transparent grading structure
  • Reduce reliance on mobile, regional or contracted staff
  • Align training with business needs

Training analysis four-part strategy:

Outputs from the skills matrices and subsequent training and development plans will equip the maintenance and asset care teams with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to be able to carry out the asset care strategy.

In order to understand the existing and required tasks, skills and knowledge to morph the present structure towards the desired structure, we suggest the following four-part strategy:

Communications sessions take place as the first stage of the process to explain the conduct of the Business Needs Analysis to all those personnel affected. In our experience, this has proved invaluable in guaranteeing their co-operation and involvement, helping with the necessary culture change.

  • The Task Analysis determines the current and future business needs for personnel
  • The Skills Audit identifies craftsmen’s present skills
  • The Training Needs Analysis identifies the skills gap
  • Customised training programmes are developed and implementation recommendations made

This process is outlined in the following flowchart:

Channel resources where they are needed the most

MCP programmes equip maintenance and asset care teams with practical skills.

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