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The Siemens S7 course brings engineers rapidly up to speed with the fundamental principles of Siemens S7 programmable controllers so they can make a positive contribution to operational effectiveness. This module gives technicians the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to enable them to use the programmable controller as a fault finding tool.

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Is it right for us?

The Siemens S7 course is ideal for Maintenance teams and technicians with some maintenance skills but no previous knowledge of programmable controllers. It can also be delivered to an audience with no engineering skill set or as a refresher.

What will we learn?

The Siemens S7 course will cover:

  • Advantages of programmable controllers over Hardwired systems
  • Programmable controller Inputs and Outputs, addressing and protection 
  • Provide and understand Hardware configurations
  • Programmable controller system interfacing, number systems, architecture
  • Setting up the programming communications
  • Using the editing software to create simple programs
  • Evaluating the programmable controller instructions and creating logic using:
  • AND, OR, Latch with N/O and N/C elements
  • Internal memory relays or bits. Function and Data Blocks
  • Timers, Counters, Comparators, Zone and Limit devices
  • Storing Data Values in various formats
  • Wire up and write a program for an automated conveyor system using many I/O devices.
  • Internal memory relays or bits Shift Register
  • Create and Identify new or used files
  • Produce Structured programmes
  • Modify and Edit, Document, Provide and Display Symbols or Tags
  • Appreciation and use of Timers and Counters
  • Creation and use of Data and Program files
  • Use of the Search and Find and Data Display windows
  • Fault Finding
  • Enable and use of the Force Functions

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