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The Pneumatics – Part 1 course was designed as a general introduction to pneumatic systems. It will teach delegates about the design construction and operation of pneumatic components.

Fluid power provides the energy necessary to exert mechanical force and drive systems. Starting with the theory of air and gas laws, pneumatic symbols and circuits, delegates then go on to select components and build circuits making the necessary adjustments for pressure, flow and sequence.

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Is it right for us?

MCP’s Pneumatics – Part 1 course is designed for technicians, with either mechanical or electrical skills but no previous knowledge of pneumatics.

What will we learn?

The Pneumatics – Part 1 course will focus on:

  • Health and Safety
  • Introduction to fluid power
  • Basic laws
  • Air production and distribution
  • Air treatment
  • Working elements
  • Pressure and dwell control
  • Ladder layout
  • Valve identification
  • Air jet sensing
  • Multi-cylinder circuits
  • Reverse sequence circuits
  • Cascade circuits

Following completion of this course, we recommend skills learnt are practised in the workplace until a proficient standard is achieved. Candidates can then be signed-off as competent to carry out the prescribed tasks.

What are the benefits?

  • The benefits of the Pneumatics – Part 1 course are:
    • Motivation and development of staff
    • Improved staff retention
    • Formal targeted training with direction and end focussed on business the need
    • Encouragement of teamwork through coach and assessor communicating more with opposite trade
    • Re-focussed of the training budget
    • SOPs and training packages are written around business need
    • Safe job; Timely job; Right first-time job
    • Improved productivity as downtime is reduced due to the increased skills base
    • Cross cover of skills in event of absenteeism, sickness etc.
    • Nationally recognised qualifications where appropriate; skills are validated
    • Training records meet and exceed those required by HSE etc.

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