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Reliability Improvement Techniques have been around for many years, yet they are still slow to be adopted in the process and manufacturing sector. have been around for many years, yet they are still slow to be adopted in the process and manufacturing sector. One of the main reasons is the inadequate quality of data recorded in the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS). The new ISO55000 requires risk-based decision making, this workshop supports these requirements.

This Reliability Improvement Techniques workshop emphasises the importance of reliability and the collection of good data to support decision making through the use of many examples and case studies. We will look at what you can do with process log data and the historical data collected in the CMMS system.

Some basic reliability theory will be covered such as the different distributions and censored and non-censored data, preparing the data for analysis and what you can do with good and not so good data. Finally, in theReliability Improvement Techniques workshop, we look at different techniques to analyse and improve reliability including both team-based and statistical techniques.

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Is it right for us?

This programme is suitable for:

  • Engineering, Asset or maintenance managers, engineers
  • Maintenance team leaders
  • Maintenance planners and analysts
  • Anyone who needs to understand how to improve equipment performance

What will we learn?

This workshop will focus on:

  • The core elements of a reliability management system
  • The basic reliability principles including data types & formats, Weibull and Reliability Growth analysis
  • How reliability analysis software can greatly simplify the analysis
  • How to make better CMMS feedback reports by maintainers
  • Understanding of failures to ensure effective failure reporting
  • How to analyse the data held in the CMMS including how to treat PM replacements
  • Tactics to improve reliability
  • A Lifecycle cost (LCC) analysis approach to repair or replace or upgrade

What are the benefits?

The benefits of attending this workshop are:

  • Understand what data is required and how to analyse this data
  • To make better use of data to support decision-making
  • To select the most cost-effective decisions
  • To support improved KPI targets

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