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Reducing Down Time and Repair Times programme. Maintainability is the ease of repairing equipment and can be measured in terms of repair time, downtime, man-hours and costs. There are a number of metrics such as MTTR, Mmax, Mean Downtime, Repair Index.

The Reducing Down Time and Repair Times programme will look at a number of techniques to reduce the time to repair, perform PM and to achieve the ease of maintenance and thus reducing downtime.

Reliability analysis is given high importance and maintainability should be given equal importance.

Is it right for us?

The Reducing Down Time and Repair Times programme is suitable for:

  • Engineering, Asset or maintenance managers, engineers,
  • Maintenance team leaders
  • Maintenance planners and analysts

And anyone who needs to understand how to reduce the time to conduct maintenance.

What will we learn?

ThisReducing Down Time and Repair Times programme will focus on:

  • Have a better understanding of the factors affecting maintainability
  • Understand how to measure maintainability using both steady-state and time-dependent measures
  • Have a greater awareness of techniques to improve maintainability
  • Understand what needs to be done in the design phase to achieve good maintainability
  • Understand human factors that contribute to poor maintainability

What are the benefits?

The benefits of attending the Reducing Down Time and Repair Times programme are:

  • Understand the techniques to reduce downtime and thus improve availability
  • Understand different metrics to support improved KPI reporting
  • Factors to make maintenance easier
  • Increased throughput

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