ISO 55000/1/2: An Introduction to Compliance Requirements

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ISO 55000/1/2: An Introduction to Compliance Requirements Workshop. Public and private organisations invest vast sums of money in assets. These might be infrastructure, utilities, buildings and machinery in sectors such as oil, gas, chemical, utilities, engineering, transport and manufacturing. If you sweat your assets too much they may fail and incur expensive repair and loss of product/service costs. If your asset is underutilised then capital is tied up unnecessarily. Asset management is not just about maintenance and keeping downtime to a minimum. It is about optimising the performance and minimising the cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

At the end of theISO 55000/1/2: An Introduction to Compliance Requirements Workshop, delegates will understand the basic principles of ISO55000/1/2 and become more aware of key benefits to different business environments. The ISO 55000/1/2: An Introduction to Compliance Requirements Workshop lists the history, scope and coverage of ISO55000/1/2 and states key requirements for corporate compliance and certification.

Is it right for us?

ISO 55000/1/2: An Introduction to Compliance Requirements Workshop is for anyone working in Facilities Management, Asset Management or Maintenance and needs an understanding of the requirements of ISO55000/1/2.

What will we learn?

  • ISO55000/1/2 – What is it?
  • The asset management standard
  • History and current status
  • Applicability of ISO 55000
  • Benefits of adopting ISO 55000
  • ISO 55000 standard
  • Structure (Parts 1 and II)
  • Content of ISO 55000
  • Requirements for compliance
  • Achieving compliance
  • Process
  • Roadmap and timescales
  • ISO 55000 supporting tools
  • Competency framework
  • Self-assessment tool
  • Gap Analysis review
  • ISO 55000 Case study

What are the benefits?

By commencing on the ISO 55000 journey including the implementation of an Asset Management System, organisations will gain more benefit than compliance with legislation alone.

The ISO 55000/1/2: An Introduction to Compliance Requirements Workshops includes:

  • Consistent prioritised and auditable risk management.
  • Reduced product and service problems
  • Improved chance of winning contracts
  • Better management
  • Increased consistency in business practices
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and job security
  • Lower costs
  • Alignment and coordination of existing initiatives, including competency development
  • Sustainable and robust continuous improvement processes
  • Improved planning
  • Overall business improvement

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