Introduction to Facilities Maintenance (Hard FM)

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MCP’s Introduction to Facilities Maintenance (Hard FM) is ideal for those wishing to gain an improved understanding of facilities maintenance, management responsibilities and facilities management best practice.

This course will be of interest to Administrators, Technicians or Managers who have been given the added responsibility of managing their Facility Maintenance activities or Facility Managers who need to gain an improved understanding of the current mechanical and electrical systems and building fabric for which they are responsible.

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Is it right for us?

Introduction to Facilities Maintenance (Hard FM) Programme is suitable for:

  • Technicians
  • Administrators
  • Team Leaders, Supervisors & Managers

There are no entry requirements. No assumptions are made as to the technical capabilities of our course attendees.

What will we learn?

TheIntroduction to Facilities Maintenance (Hard FM) Programme will focus on:  

Mechanical & Electrical Systems Introduction:

  • Air conditioning, heating & ventilation
  • Electrical distribution
  • Fire systems
  • Water systems
  • Waste & sanitary systems

Building Fabric Introduction:

  • Structural – walls, roofing etc.
  • Internal – floors, walls, ceilings, glazing
  • Hardstanding areas (walkways, car parks etc.)
  • Grounds and gardens


  • An introduction to outsourcing and outsourcing contracts
  • Compliance
  • An introduction to the laws and regulations associated with facilities maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • A brief introduction to asset lifecycle management and reliability

What are the benefits?

  • An improved knowledge of Facilities Management, focusing on ‘Hard FM’ practices
  • Understand how FM is managed by leading organisations and the options open to you
  • Be able to develop FM strategies and plans for use in the workplace

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