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Conducting RAM Modelling Studies. RAM (Reliability, Availability & Maintainability) Models are typically conducted as part of the design process for new projects. They are conducted to verify that the design will deliver the functional specification, in terms of availability and/or throughput. For these design phase RAM models generic data is typically used that is verified by the client

RAM Modelling can represent a valuable improvement technique during the operational phase using the company’s failure and repair data for:

  • Evaluating proposed modifications,
  • Evaluate repair or replace options
  • Evaluating different maintenance strategies
  • Justifying the purchase of insurance spares

This 2-day workshop introduces the delegates to RAM studies and includes the principles of building the model and a step by step approach to conducting a RAM study.

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Is it right for us?

The Conducting RAM Modelling Studies programme is suitable for:

  • Engineering managers, engineers,
  • Projects and design engineers

And anyone who needs an overview of what is involved in conducting a RAM study.

What will we learn?

The Conducting RAM Modelling Studies programme will focus on:

  • RAM modelling principles
  • How to build a model your plant or part of the plant or a single system of interest
  • Where to obtain data to populate the RAM model
  • How to evaluate hot and cold standby systems
  • How to evaluate proposed improvement options
  • How to evaluate items with downtime, reliability or PM issues

What are the benefits?

The benefits of attending the Conducting RAM Modelling Studies programme are:

  • Understand how consultants evaluate new plants
  • Learn techniques to evaluate plant design changes prior to investment,
  • Identify where to focus attention i.e. systems or equipment that have too many failures or too much downtime
  • RAM is a tool that supports effective decision-making a key element of the ISO55000

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