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Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a structured and logical approach to mapping the end to end value stream of any process or service. Developed as part of the Lean methodology, VSM allows analysis and understanding of the current state and supports the design of a future state.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Programme is a widely used and extremely powerful way of understanding how a value stream can impact positively on business process and the customer journey. By understanding and identifying improvement opportunities, delegates are able to develop plans which deliver the greatest benefit to the organisation.

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Is it right for us?

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Programme is suitable for:    

  • Team Leaders, Process Owners, Project Managers and Managers
  • Members of business improvement project teams
  • Anyone responsible for process performance improvements and the removal of wasteful activities
  • Those embarking on a business improvement initiative and are looking to improve customer value

On successful completion of the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Use their understanding of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in Process and Value Stream Mapping activities
  • Drive improvement initiatives within the workplace, either as leader or as part of a team
  • Deliver real improvements and savings to the business within a short period of time
  • Support co-workers and colleagues in VSM activities

What will we learn?

The Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Programme will focus on:  

  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM) tools & techniques and how they are used in the workplace
  • How to identify improvement opportunities by reducing wasteful activities and improving the flow
  • How to identify value and to find new ways of adding customer value

What are the benefits?

Our Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Programme provides the skills needed to optimise continuous improvement initiatives. Organisations benefit from effective VSM Practitioners in the workplace. They are able to identify and measure value stream activity, identify cost savings and develop an improvement in business efficiency, adding customer value and an ability to develop a ‘future state’.

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