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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance that strives to achieve perfect production with little or no breakdowns, no short stoppages or slow running and no defects. In addition, it promotes a safe working environment with no accidents. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) emphasises proactive and preventive maintenance practices to maximise the operational efficiency of equipment and places a strong emphasis on empowering operators to maintain equipment to a high standard.

The implementation of a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programme creates a shared responsibility for equipment that encourages greater involvement. Used correctly, TPM is effective in improving productivity by increasing availability, reducing cycle times and achieving zero defects.

This course provides an understanding of the principles, practices and philosophy of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). In addition, there is the opportunity to discuss the practical aspects of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implementation, how it can be applied to your company and to help develop a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programme plan and supporting structure. To further support the learning, the course provides an awareness of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) implications and how to plan and develop an improvement programme and approach.

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Is it right for us?

The TPM course is suitable for:

  • Senior and Middle Managers including Manufacturing/Production, Engineering, Technical, Human Resources
  • Production ‘Line Managers’ including Supervisors, Team Leaders, Cell Leaders, Chargehands etc.
  • Senior Production Engineers, Process Technician and Technologists, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers and Maintenance Technicians

What will we learn?

The course will focus on:

  • Introduction and Background to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • The original 5 pillars of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • The Need for Change (Self-Audit)
  • TPM Principles and Practices
  • The 6 Big Losses & Overall Effectiveness (exercises)
  • TPM Implementation and Benefits
  • Practical Activities and Implications
  • Summary and Discussion

What are the benefits?

Companies that support and develop their workforce to understand the importance of operator involvement in maintaining equipment, will quickly see improvements in production capability and efficiency, resulting in fewer breakdowns, machinery stops and defects.

In addition, by developing a proactive and preventive maintenance programme, improvements and higher rates of return compared to resources invested may be expected.

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