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Total Productive Maintenance is not just a new approach to maintenance it is a whole new philosophy concerning the way in which a company operates. TPM implements a change in working practices, values, relationships and they very culture of the company. Therefore, it is important that Managers and Engineers are introduced to TPM and provided with a good level of understanding of the principles, practices and philosophy of TPM.

The Total Productive Maintenance Principles and Practices training course is aimed at doing just that and in addition, the implications for managers are highlighted and the way in which they need to support the implementation of TPM is discussed.

The Total Productive Maintenance Principles and Practices training course uses case studies and examples to show TPM in practice and how it can be introduced to a business. No prior knowledge of TPM is necessary but attendees should have a reasonable knowledge of production and engineering principles. The overall objective of the training is:

  • To explain the background to TPM and the basic principles upon which it has been developed
  • To describe the main elements of TPM and particularly those that directly affect or are affected by the production and engineering functions
  • To show how the six big losses are calculated using OEE and how this can be used to cost-justify capital expenditure
  • The explain the TPM team steps and highlight the main activities where production and engineering input and support is required
  • To provide an opportunity to discuss the practical problems of implementing TPM and how the programme has to be supported

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Is it right for us?

The Total Productive Maintenance Principles and Practices training course is suitable for the following:

  • Production, Manufacturing and Operations Managers and Directors
  • Engineering, Maintenance, Production Engineering and Process Engineering Managers and Directors
  • Production ‘Line Manager’s including Supervisors, Team Leaders, Cell Leaders, Charge hands etc.
  • Senior Production Engineers, Process Technician and Technologists, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers and Maintenance Technicians

What will we learn?

The Total Productive Maintenance Principles and Practices training course focuses on:

  • An Introduction to TPM
  • TPM Planning and Organisation
  • Implementing the Elements of TPM
  • Spreading and Advancing TPM
  • Organising, Driving and Co-ordinating a TPM Programme

What are the benefits?

The benefits of attending the Total Productive Maintenance Principles and Practices training course are:

  • Ability to implement basic TPM programme in-house
  • Knowledge of benefits of a successful TPM programme
  • Understanding of the do’s and don’ts with TPM
  • Contact with others who are on a similar journey

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