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Rapid Changeover Techniques with SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Dies) is a powerful system used for dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers and improve production efficiency. SMED was developed by Shigeo Shingo, the acclaimed Japanese industrial engineer who helped companies dramatically reduce changeover times.

In SMED, changeovers are made up of steps that are termed “elements”. There are two types of elements:

  • Internal Elements (elements that must be completed while the equipment is stopped)
  • External Elements (elements that can be completed while the equipment is running)

The SMED process focuses on making as many elements as possible external, and simplifying and streamlining all elements, using the equipment or process owner’s knowledge to improve and simplify.

The name Single-Minute Exchange of Dies comes from the goal of reducing changeover times to the “single” digits (i.e. less than 10 minutes). Every manufacturing or production company that performs changeovers can benefit from Rapid Changeover Techniques with SMED.

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Is it right for us?

The Rapid Changeover Techniques with SMED course is suitable for:

  • Operations Team Leaders, Engineers, Operators and Continuous Improvement Practitioners
  • Production line operators including Supervisors, Team Leaders, Cell Leaders, Chargehands etc.
  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineers

What will we learn?

The course will focus on:

  • The objectives and benefits of rapid changeover techniques
  • Concepts of Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
  • How to identify the opportunity and goal setting
  • Record the changeover process
  • Capture waste of motion and plan improvements
  • Define Internal vs. External work
  • Developing a structured approach to piloting solutions
  • Create and Manage the action plan and how to create tracking metrics
  • Validate the improvement and replicate the opportunities

What are the benefits?

Companies that support and develop operators to understand the importance of Rapid Changeover Techniques with SMED and production improvement techniques, will quickly see benefits in production capability and efficiency.

Our highly effective and interactive course will provide delegates with the confidence and skills to be able to deliver successful changeover reduction activities back in the workplace.

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