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An Operator Asset Care programme is based on the principle that the people operating production equipment, on a daily/regular basis, are the ones most capable of improving equipment reliability and performance. Their understanding of the process and their feedback can be a valuable resource for the continuous improvement of manufacturing performance and reliability. It can also relieve the burden on Technicians who can then spend more time on Continuous Improvement, planned and predictive maintenance activities.

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MCP’s 1-day introductory programme for Operator Asset Care will improve your knowledge and understanding of the principles and implementation of Operator Asset Care. It is designed for engineering managers, production managers, engineering team leaders, production team leaders, operators and technicians.

What will we learn?

  • What is Operator Asset Care? OAC can be interpreted in a number of ways and it is important that the scope, extent and ambitions for OAC are clearly defined
  • Similarities and differences between Total Productive Maintenance, Autonomous Maintenance and Operator Asset Care – the principles underpinning OAC are not new but the approach to implementation differs from typical TPM or AM programmes
  • Benefits of implementing an Operator Asset Care programme – defining the expected benefits to the business, managers, process operators and technicians and how to sell them
  • Practical activities involved in Operator Asset Care – what are the practical, hands-on, OAC activities that we expect process operators and technicians to undertake
  • Key implementation steps of Operator Asset Care – a structured approach to the development, introduction and implementation of an OAC programme for your business
  • Overcoming barriers to the implementation of Operator Asset Care – understanding the cultural, structural and industrial relations barriers that may be encountered and how to develop and adopt a strategy to overcome these
  • Typical training required for process operators and Technicians – assessing the training needs of process operators and technicians, what kind of training will they typically need to receive, when and how to provide this training

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the Operator Asset Care programme:

  • Improved teamwork between production and maintenance
  • Higher production efficiencies/plant reliability
  • More motivated technicians and operators
  • Higher skilled technicians and operators
  • Standard working introduced
  • Improved working environment through 5S
  • Safer working environment

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