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Achieving Effective RCA & RCFA Investigations. If we don’t tackle the root causes, failures and incidents will continue to occur. For an effective Reliability Improvement Programme, a robust Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) is one of the most critical elements. Often equipment fails but the true root causes are usually attributed to human actions or errors.

The 3-day Achieving Effective RCA & RCFA Investigations workshop will introduce delegates to a 6 step structured approach to determine the what, why and the fix. There are many additional techniques to support the investigation phase; the principle of these additional techniques is to be able to look at the incident from a different perspective to allow addition questioning. Many delegates admit to conducting RCA but skimp the data gathering/investigation part.

Included in the Achieving Effective RCA & RCFA Investigations workshop is the 7 human performance cause categories, the 7 basic equipment failure cause categories and highlight the process of failure analysis.

In addition, we apply the RCA technique for downtime and repair time reduction studies and to audit work processes, e.g. the work planning & control process.

RCA = Root Cause Analysis
RCFA = Root Cause Failure Analysis

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Is it right for us?

The Achieving Effective RCA & RCFA Investigations workshop is suitable for:

  • Engineering Managers, Engineers, Supervisors
  • Maintenance Team Leaders
  • Operational personnel
  • Safety personnel
  • Those with a need to improve their investigation skills

What will we learn?

The Achieving Effective RCA & RCFA Investigations workshop will focus on:

  • A range of different techniques for analysing incidents and failures
  • A structured process to identify root causes
  • Understand how troubleshooting charts are used to identify physical causes
  • How to ask the relevant questions and gather all the information
  • How to apply other techniques to support the data gathering, e.g. Safeguards Analysis, Change Analysis
  • How to analyse equipment failures by considering the equipment 7 failure cause categories and the application of Force, Reactive Environment, Time & Temperature (FRETT) Analysis
  • How to determine the human performance causes (procedures, training, worker selection, management systems, human engineering, quality control)

What are the benefits?

The benefits of attending the Achieving Effective RCA & RCFA Investigations workshop are:

  • Improved investigation to identify all the root causes
  • Reduced probability of occurrence by applying and evaluation corrective actions
  • Understanding of the variety of different techniques available

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