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With electric vehicle sales predicted to reach 45 billion worldwide by 2040, the next twenty years are set to dramatically change the automotive market. BMW, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Kia, Volkswagen, Electric Vehicle (EV) specialists Telsa have a number of EVs and hybrids on the market, with more in the car manufacturing pipeline.

The Electrical Upskilling for Automotive Technicians 8-day programme was designed for staff who have no previous electric vehicle background, to enable them to perform electrical maintenance tasks including safe isolation, replacement and testing of a range of common electrical devices (motors, sensors, inverters, batteries etc.) in a safe, effective and timely manner.

In addition, it assists the manager in meeting the legal requirements for employee competence on electric vehicles.

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Is it right for me?

Whether you are new to the industry or already experienced, this innovative training programme will provide the skills and knowledge to enable you to install, maintain and diagnose faults on electrical and electronic components on electric vehicles.


What will I learn?

This course is designed to encourage existing automotive engineers to upskill and keep pace with the rise in popularity of electric vehicles. It may also be appropriate for professionals from other industries, particularly those working in battery-based fields, to cross over into the automotive industry.

  • Basic Electrical Principles – Introduction to electrical units – Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power. Conductors and Insulators – covering function and typical materials. Factors affecting resistance – cross-sectional area and length
  • Dangers of electricity and emergency response – direct/indirect contact electric shock, burns, arcing, explosion, secondary accidents and emergency response procedure
  • Legislation – Health & Safety at Work, Electricity at Work, Risk Assessments, HSE GS38, etc.
  • Simple circuits* and the use of electrical test equipment – Theory of Ohms law, Series and Parallel Circuits, Practical session building circuits and using electrical test equipment to measure voltage, current and resistance
  • Circuit protection and cable selection – Overview of fuses and insulation leakage monitoring devices. Overview of cable selection – covering factors affecting the cable selection cross-sectional area, length and environment
  • Battery theory – Lithium-ion cell construction and operation, cell C rating, series and parallel connection of cells
  • DC-DC Converters – Overview of main parts and theory of operation. Connection diagram of the typical device
  • Motor theory* – Introduction to electromagnetism. Overview of main parts and theory of operation of DC brushed and brushless (permanent magnet) motors, AC induction motors
  • Inverters* – Overview of main parts and theory of operation. Connection diagram of a typical inverter showing power and control connections
  • Safe Isolation – electric vehicle
  • Typical faults – Typical faults and suggested diagnosis that may occur covering sections 4-9

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the Electrical Upskilling for Automotive Engineers

On completion of the course, delegates will have the knowledge and understanding to be able to work on a hybrid/electric vehicle safely, competently and within the relevant compliance legislation. In addition, they will have an understanding of the function of the electric components used on a hybrid/electric vehicle to enable a better technical appreciation when working on and maintaining these vehicles.

Why MCP?

MCP is an experienced in engineering and safety training business with 40 years in the market. We are fully aware of the challenges presented when new technology comes into the workplace and because of this, we are able to offer cost-effective and relevant courses delivered by industry-experienced trainers for all levels of personnel.

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