Assessment Centres

Corporate liability legislation underpins the need for technical staff to be properly trained and competent to work safely. MCP has carried out maintenance development centres and recruitment assessment centres on over a thousand candidates over the last 10 years.

MCP work with a number of well-known companies across the food, drink, pharma and car manufacturing sectors providing maintenance skills’ assessment and development programmes. The Assessment Centres are established within the organisation and provide an extensive practical assessment of technical staff and support their skills’ development programmes, including health and safety awareness.

We have extensive experience of providing competence assessments for both your existing staff and new recruits. We customise the assessment to meet your requirements.

The practical competence approach includes:

  • Communication sessions
  • Task analysis – vocationally competent maintenance engineers walk the job with the technicians, listing key tasks that the maintenance technicians undertake.
  • Identification of core competencies
  • The design of assessments – to ensure the assessments fit with best practice and company procedures.
  • Delivery of assessments
  • Report on individual/shift/department performance
  • Recommendations to develop staff
  • Sourcing and scheduling of training
  • Delivery of training
  • Job roles and profiles

A suite of standard assessments has been developed for maintenance skills. These include:

  • Electrical safe isolation
  • Electrical fault finding using instruments
  • Inverter set up and commission
  • Basic programmable controller fault finding
  • Belts
  • Chains
  • Pumps
  • Electrical and mechanical theory
  • Scenario based interview

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