Peter Gagg recently travelled stateside to meet and kick off a new project with a new client. This successful meeting with Kite Pharma, in Los Angeles, means many more trips to the US for Peter and his team of consultants.

For the past three decades, Kite, a Gilead company, has been at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy. Today, they are a leader in engineered ‘T cell therapy’, transforming cancer treatment with what is potentially the biggest breakthrough since the introduction of combination chemotherapy more than 60 years ago.

Relevant to leading-edge technology

Following the completion of The AMIS Assessment results showed how even though AMIS has been established and proven for over 30-years, it is still as relevant today and is applicable to a board range of companies, as well as, those using leading-edge technology, such as Kite.

Photos from above Los Angeles

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