To support the newly rejuvenated AMIS Assessment, MCP is pleased to announce The AMIS Journey website.

Take a tour today. See a sneak peek of The AMIS Assessment dashboard. Review the results of those who have successfully reached their destination. Understand how The AMIS Journey provides a roadmap for assessing objectively how your maintenance operations measure up and how it is designed to identify the scope for improvement and agree on a plan to achieve it.

The AMIS Journey*, provided exclusively by MCP Consulting Group Ltd., has been used for over 30 years to help organisations measure their asset maintenance performance on a consistent basis. Using industry knowledge and the extensive international AMIS database, MCP is able to benchmark an organisation’s performance. The output generates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks that are used as the basis for an improvement programme and the start of The AMIS Journey.

The AMIS Journey develops a bespoke solution to meet an organisation’s exact needs. The best-performing sites are World-Class because they focus on the areas that make the biggest impact:

  • Equipment Reliability
  • Equipment Performance and Availability
  • Business Processes
  • Organisation Structure and Development
  • Data, Document Management and Information Systems
  • Work Planning and Scheduling
  • Spare Parts and Inventory
  • Training and Skills Development

Identifying weaknesses in an organisation and used regularly helps The AMIS Journey to focus on the actions needed to make improvements in operations’ performance.

MCP has supported clients to achieve 35–50% reduction in unplanned breakdown maintenance, typical removal of 25–50% wasted preventive maintenance hours and productivity step changes of 40–80%. These improvements can be achieved in months rather than years.


Begin Your Journey today!

To find out more about the Asset Maintenance Improvement System (AMIS) which support The AMIS Journey to reliability and high-performance contact.



* Asset Maintenance Improvement System (AMIS)