AG Barr Facility

The Pop Culture

For seven years, the massive AG Barr plant in Milton Keynes has been home to production of some of the UK’s best-known soft drinks, including Rubicon and Tizer. The site is forecast to produce some 28 million cases of product in 2020, and keeping the factory’s five lines (one can, one plastic bottle and three … Read More

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Manufacturing cost improvement is a real opportunity for UK business

The need to improve manufacturing performance and cost of production has never been greater with pressure from shareholders, customers and competitors constantly providing an incentive to achieve World Class levels of performance. This is despite at least two decades of a whole manner of improvement initiatives such as Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Re-engineering and … Read More

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Making the Most of Your Factory Assets

Making the Most of Your Factory Assets. Peter Jackson, Senior Consultant, MCP Consulting Group, tackles the challenges to implementing an effective asset management plan by outlining 10 factors which need to be taken into consideration, analysed and acted upon. Leading manufacturing and service companies know that effective Asset Management is a basic need for long-term competitiveness. … Read More

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