The Pharmaceutical sector is dominated by a limited number of very large global groups, where innovation and science play a crucial role.

The context of the healthcare market and the industry’s main priority is the provision of safe and effective products. In this highly regulated environment and sterile manufacturing facility, the demands of compliance to regulatory standards are achieved through a robust and efficient production processes.

Improvement programmes, asset management optimisation and methodologies are enablers to support the improvement of the internal logistics processes, to optimise OEE and maintain the ‘clean environment’ to a very high level.

Previous experience in this sector has included the development of reliability excellence programmes that ensure work streams are put in place to manage the maintenance programme. AMIS assessments are usually completed as a ‘framework approach’ to achieving World-Class within a target of 5 years. Documented results frequently report less than 4% corrective maintenance with compliance is completed 100% on time.