In an increasingly competitive landscape, food companies involved in new product development and manufacture are facing more and more challenges. Many are linked to the production and marketing of final foods or ingredients used in their preparation and relate to meeting changing consumer demands.

Often, this needs to happen quickly with costs kept to a minimum. For the main part, demands include cutting costs, bringing products to market quickly and staying compliant with a large number of regulations. What remains a constant challenge is maintaining the best methods of storing, packaging, preserving and distributing products.

When industry changes make for a more competitive marketplace, manufacturers look to their supply chain to be as cost effective whilst delivering a safe quality product.

Over the years MCP has helped clients with their efficiency and offered reliability programmes that deliver in a structured way to ensure the security of supply within a known cost base and continuous improvement framework. Proven results have reported improved efficiency that enables change to shift patterns that make significant reductions in the cost of labour.