The global alcoholic beverage market is the UK’s fastest growing sector with whisky, in particular, gaining huge popularity across the globe. However, the logistics of producing in this multibillion-pound industry are unlike any other food and beverage sector, especially if the manufacturer is looking to expand their product line and keep pace with demand.

Product development plays an important role in this sector, as the packaging phase is complex due to the diversity of existing formats. The optimisation of the packaging lines, the level of their availability and efficiency (OEE) and the optimisation of cycle times are essential.

Often companies recognise that there is a ‘firefighting culture’ to the maintenance teams work. There are issues around stock accuracy, parts availability, poor productivity and these constraints effect capacity within the production environment. An AMIS assessment can indicate the core areas of focus, for example, a new CMMS system, the alignment maintenance team, stores booking accuracy and on-going continuous improvement plans.

To reach World-Class, any maintenance department must achieve outstanding results with improved engineering downtime of less than 2.5% and increased reliability of equipment. This has a direct correlation with MP increasing output per minute and improving cost reductions, whilst the entire process will improve the morale within the team.