The Aviation and Aerospace Sector is an industry that employs millions of people, around which various businesses have developed. Large airports and their infrastructure require a highly optimised maintenance strategy, integrated computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) and effective maintenance plans – to ensure the maximum availability and reliability of equipment as well as the profitability and safety of goods and people.

Time is one of the highest priorities for every airport across the world, which means operations must be highly efficient and ultimately streamlined if the ancillary services are not to impact on the customer experience of this busy environment.

MCP’s experience in the transport sector and other complex ‘live’ environments, such as Aviation, is a key factor for clients in this industry when engaging MCP. The result of using an AMIS (Asset Management Information Service) benchmarking system, is to identify significant opportunities for improvement. These initial assessments include engineering systems current status, methods, skills and management information and will be carried out across various departments.

The outcomes of a change programme of this nature will ensure the increased reliability of assets, the reduction of costs against forecast budgets, improved skills and competency of the workforce without the need for redundancy or job losses.