Automotive manufacturers are facing the increased challenges of developing a large modular product offer. Additionally, with many different user types preferring vehicles specified for their individual preferences, managing this vast level of complexity and product variation presents an enormous array of business-critical challenges.

The global automotive manufacturing industry is growing and with that comes the need for evolution and change. To combat these changes, clients need an effective build line that is able to respond to the changing priorities and varying rates of flow. The process operation must become simpler and more robust with reduced waste – in particular – waiting time and overproduction.

MCP offers a range of Continuous Improvement (CI) services including Lean Practitioner, Kanban systems, Rapid Changeover, Kaizen, Process Mapping and Problem-Solving using RCA, OEE and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Continuous Improvement is a proven method for identifying opportunities to enable manufacturers to minimise the cost of complexity throughout their operations and to harness product variation as a differentiating strength in their marketplace.