Self Audit of the Present Situation on Your Site

Welcome to your Operator Asset Care Mini Audit

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Maintenance Approach on Site

Repairs generally take a long time to complete
Breakdowns & stoppages occur for the same reasons, time and time again
Planned maintenance tasks are not carried out regularly/not up to date/ very effective
Downtime and fault information is not recorded or used to focus improvements
Maintenance effort is not targeted on high risk items
There are insuffcient maintenance/support resources to cope with the workload
Condition monitoring techniques are not used effectively
There are no maintenance/engineering measures of performance and targets related to machinery reliability


Production and maintenance staff do not work together very often to improve machinery reliability
Production do not allow enough time for planned maintenance activities
Maintenance often do not respond to production requests very quickly

Production Personnel Attitudes and Practices

Operators do not understand how machinery and equipment works
Operators do not recognise the warning signs from machinery and equipment that indicate a problem
Operators do not carry out any regular machinery/eqpt. checks or inspection/ there are no procedures for cleaning, inspection lubrication and tightening
When operators find a fault they immediately call for maintenance without investigating the cause
Operators do not regard machinery/equipment breakdowns/stoppages/ waste/defects/changeovers as their problem
Operators are not involved in any Root Cause Analysis of machinery/ equipment failures or incidents

General Conditions & Performance

Production targets are often not achieved in normal working hours as per plan
People accept on-going adjustments as normal
No one has analysed the cause of rejects/re-work or stoppages
Very few improvement projects are carried out
Operators are not involved in any Root Cause Analysis of machinery/ equipment failures or incidents

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