On Thursday 26th September, MCP ran our eagerly-awaited Open Day at our Reading Training Centre.

What an extraordinary year it has been for the MCP training team. As another MCP Open Day comes to an end – we are happy to report – a unique, knowledge-packed day with a smorgasbord of opportunities to test the equipment, gain insights, unlike any other way.

The MCP Reading Training Centre Open Days are open to anyone who is interested in Asset Management and Maintenance. Those who attend want to consider investing in additional technical skills and multi-skilling as the route to improving career opportunities in this exciting industry or are looking to improve the skills and knowledge of their staff.

A great range of facilities

These days are always packed with the opportunity for delegates to see our great range of facilities. As well as, a chance to meet our experienced training staff. Best of all attenedees get a feel for the business and the specialist courses we run.

Specialist fault-finding techniques:

This year was no exception. Everyone said it was a great event and each attendee felt that they took something of real value away with them.

Experienced training day staff

John Saysell, Head of Business Development, is responsible for managing the MCP technical training function. He has over 20 years of managing change programmes, customers and trainers. If you want to improve your teams’ operational and maintenance skills and knowledge, you are talking to the right man!

Matthew Reason, Senior Technical Trainer, has a proven track record of leading and delivering technical training. He is an experienced professional trainer and assessor in the design and delivery of Instrumentation, Control Systems and Electrical training.

Delegates get a hands-on experience

Below are some photos of those who attended and how they made the most of the staff’s knowledge and specialist equipment. The purpose-built training rigs enabled the attendees to switch faults on and off. The rigs employ programmable controller, electro-pneumatic and relay technologies, which we use to teach delegates the theory of the different fault finding techniques. 

Always happy to help

Of course, you don’t have to wait until the next MCP Open Day our staff are always happy to help. Get in touch today and find out more information, please call us on +44 (0)121 506 9032