Peter Gagg, CEO, MCP Consulting Group Ltd., recently returned from one of his projects in Asia, with one of China’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Porton Pharma.

Founded in 2005, Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. is a top-tier, China-based external manufacturing partner and strategic supplier of custom drug intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Porton helps global pharmaceutical companies efficiently deliver improved health outcomes for patients through chemical process innovation and high-quality production of intermediates and APIs across the life cycle.

The project, for which MCP has been commissioned for, is designed to take the company to world-class status using The AMIS Journey and The AMIS Assessment, as the start of the forthcoming improvement project. This best practice standard, helps organisations measure their Asset Maintenance performance on a consistent basis.

Using the extensive AMIS database, The output generates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks that are used as the basis for an improvement programme and the start of The AMIS Journey.

When in Chongqing and when Peter Gagg has time in his busy schedule, he is able to do a bit of sight-seeing. Below are some of the amazing sites and places he has visited during his trips.

Photos from Peter’s recent trip…