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The Mobile Application of Technology

Problem: How do you manage the parts carried by mobile technicians working from a service van?

How can the restocking process be made more efficient?

The solution is now available through the use of new technology, which uses (Near Frequency Communication) NFC tags and the ‘cloud’ to track parts used and issue re-stocking requests to either a central point or a third-party wholesale materials provider.

How does it work?

Each storage bin in the van has an NFC tag and each van technician is provided with a mobile phone app which can read the tag, so each time a part or parts is taken from the bin, the technician scans the bin and automatically the stock level is adjusted in the cloud-based software.

When re-order parts are released the order can be transmitted to the wholesaler. At the end of the day, the service technician calls at the wholesale depot and collects his pre-prepared order.

Benefits: More accurate control of stock, less waiting time.

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