MCP delivers MAMC Wave 20 training to Johnson & Johnson Academy candidates in Switzerland.

MCP client’s business takes our consultants all over the world. Only last week we sent Jon Ashley, Associate Consultant, to Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Schaffhausen is a Swiss town on the upper Rhine River, in a wine-growing area near the German border. Baroque buildings with bay windows and decorated facades dot the medieval old town, dominated by the 16th-century Munot Fortress.

Not that Jon saw much of the local area, because he was too busy delivering MAMC – Wave 20 of the Johnson & Johnson Academy training.

Below are some photographs of his excellent team hard at work, as well as, the candidates proudly gathered together in front of the J&J Office in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. 

More from our MAMC consultant…

Jon Ashley, MCP, Associate Consultant, said, “As we come towards the end of the face-to-face workshop week – I would like to wish you all continued success with the remaining stages of the MAMC Certification.”

He continued, “Thank you to all those who shared their draft project charters”. He warned, “for all the others, do not wait too long to confirm your project selection and draft your charters.”

Finally, he said, “I am always available to discuss and give feedback.”

As with all MCP training courses, public and on-site, our highly experienced trainers offer a great source of knowledge and experience. As specialists in their fields, they are always on hand to support our candidates through course work and final examinations.

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