blurred figures wearing medical uniforms in hospital surgery corridor

MCP Consulting Group has been working closely and in partnership with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical groups. As a ‘specialist training’ provider and a member of the group’s in-house training academy, MCP has developed a training programme with City & Guilds Accreditation, which delivers maintenance and asset management best practice.

The delegate selection process commences with an online pre-course assessment with successful delegates attending an intensive Asset Management course programme. The course, include topics such as asset management tools and techniques, plant reliability, planning and asset lifecycle. Delivery is based on a ‘blended’ learning approach with teaching and project-based practical application over a period of weeks. Projects are assessed for their value to the business.

Those achieving the required standard receive recognition through the award of a City & Guilds Certificate.

MCP delivers the training programme on a worldwide basis, supporting the development and implementation of ‘World Class’ asset management principles within the organisation.

To date over 50 engineers and maintenance leaders have attended and achieved the City & Guilds Accreditation. Such is the success of this programme that there are plans to further develop the programme to a wider audience across the Group.

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