MCP Consulting Group is focused on supporting clients’ future business objectives by offering technological advancements to enhance their business. Our rapidly expanding Global Partner Network offers clients a wide range of technical expertise and complementary technology and software products.

It is true that technological advances are shaping the way in which we do business. As a result of new technology and slick business processes, organisations can run more efficiently, lower their costs, decentralise decision-making and improve operating performance. In time, this will become core to client’s global vision for manufacturing plant management.

The added value and real transformation occurring today are to move towards a higher level of data integrity and ‘the single source of truth’ model – this will shape the way we do business and change the landscape of manufacturing. Those companies that embrace the ‘single source of truth’ for all data and fuse this with benchmarking products and improvement processes will gain a 360° view that drives their business improvements and offers the best possible return on investment.

The MCP Consulting Group Partner Network includes Inventor-e and Phusion from the technology sector and supports MCP to deliver projects that offer the broadest range of asset management solutions to a range of business sectors.

It is important that clients recognise that the industry 4.0 era has arrived and the link between machines, technology and traditional processes, allow data collection in real-time to provide companies with far greater visibility of their assets than has ever been possible before.

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