This week, John Saysell, Head of Business Development, was greeted by this magnificent creature, a 4m high giant scorpion at the entrance of Sheffield Forgemasters (pictured below).

Our staff are always busy travelling across the breadth and depth of the UK. Last week was no different when John Saysell, Head of Business Development, popped into Sheffield Forgemasters, Brightside Lane for a catch-up meeting.

Apprentices make an impact

The sculpture at Sheffield Forgemasters, designed by sculptor Robin Widdowson, was built by the company’s apprentices using recycled materials found on the 64-acre site. A team of 21 volunteer apprentices took only four months to complete it.

The scorpion makes a striking display and features a pair of grasping claws with a segmented tail in a curve ending in a stinger. Recycled metal was used to give it that weathered appearance.

Sheffield City Council originally gave permission for the sculpture back in 2013, and it looks every bit as good as the day it was installed.

This project was not just about making a piece of artwork, it gave, the apprentices that took part, a great team-building and training exercise. Those involved took away a real sense of achievement and a lot more.

MCP understands business should never stand still and staff development is key to driving a business forward. The benefits of workforce development is that will improve more than just your bottom line.

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