Quality is fundamental

As a City & Guilds Approved Centre, MCP Consulting Group Ltd. is assessed annually to ensure we meet the criteria set out in the ‘City & Guilds Centre Guidance Manual’.

Quality is fundamental to City & Guilds as an awarding organisation and is embedded in all processes, products and services. It is their remit is to ensure the integrity and value of the qualifications, products and services throughout their life cycle.

Quality Assurance Model

Therefore, after a thorough assessment visit by the Qualification Consultant from our local City & Guilds office this month – MCP, supported by our own internal quality team, is pleased to announce that MCP meets the Quality Assurance Model which encompasses both internal quality assurance (activities and processes undertaken within centres) and external quality assurance (activities and processes undertaken by City & Guilds).

As an endorsement of this, we have received our 2018-19 Approved Centre Centre, which now takes pride of place on the wall at Head Office.

Well done team

Congratulations to everyone who gave their time to this process.