Mechanical to Electrical continues to be one of MCPs most popular training programmes. Mainly due to our training acumen:

Over 40 years of experience in the maintenance industry

Designed by engineers for engineers

Three dedicated specialist venues/locations across the UK

On-site/tailored training offering delivered anywhere across the world

Specialist rig equipment supports the ‘hands-on’ experience

Mechanical to Electrical – Part 1/2/3/4 is one of our most regularly run programmes, as it is designed for technicians who have no previous electrical background. Completion enables delegates to perform high frequency, low risk, first-line electrical maintenance tasks including safe isolation, replacement and testing of a range of common electrical devices (motors, sensors, contactors, overloads, etc.) in a safe and effective manner.

Structured training to aid technicians’ progression

As you would expect, this high-quality training programme it is City & Guilds accredited. In total a 16-day programme, it is offered across 4 parts, each part consisting of a 4-days. This is specifically structured to aid technicians’ progression and allows for suitable on-site consolidation of training prior to delivery of the next part. In addition, it assists the maintenance manager in meeting the legal requirements for employee competence in electrical work.

Do you want to be best in class?

If you would like to know more or book on any of our technical skills training course, then please contact Carmen Mills or email

The images below show delegates attending last week at our Reading Training Centre getting their hands dirty!

Connecting up a 3 phase motor to a Variable Speed Drive and setting the parameters
Connecting up a 3 phase motor to a Star Delta Starter, setting the overload unit and changing its direction
Connecting up a 3 phase motor to a Direct on Line Starter, setting the overload unit and changing its direction