MCP continues to deliver in China with a project for Johnson & Johnson, China. This latest delivery by Jon Ashley, Consultant, delivering the latest MAMC Wave 19 in Guangzhou.

China’s third-biggest city

Guangzhou is China’s third-biggest city, at the heart of this city is the Pearl River Delta. Its location along the South China Sea has long made Guangzhou one of China’s most important trading ports with a colonial background and culturally diverse society.

The photos below are of the team at work – stood proudly in front of the Johnson & Johnson Credo – in Chinese of course.

The values that guide Johnson & Johnson decision-making are spelt out in their ‘Credo‘– which states the needs and well-being of the people they serve first.

Corporate social responsibility

In 1943 Robert Wood Johnson, chairman from 1932 to 1963 and founding family member, crafted The Credo, just before Johnson & Johnson became a publicly-traded company. This was long before anyone ever heard the term “corporate social responsibility.” Johnson & Johnson believe has become the recipe for their business success, having flourished through more than a century of change.

MCP continues to deliver in China, see below… MAMC Wave 19 hard at work in the classroom

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