Recognising the current interest in technology and the Industrial Internet of Things, MCP has responded to requests from its client base to provide information and services in this area and has established two new partnerships with specialist technology businesses. The latest partners to join the MCP family are:

Senseye is a UK based leader in machine analytics and diagnostics.

Based in Southampton with offices worldwide, Senseye provides software which collects data and analyses equipment performance to predict when failures are likely to occur. Senseye software integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, using data captured by your factory historian or IOT middleware, to understand the future health of your equipment. The process is entirely automated and integrates with new or existing data collection systems.

This technology has already been successfully implemented in the Automotive, Healthcare and Oil and Gas sectors; with results being seen within 1 month and a typical Return on Investment of 3 months.

For many companies with old equipment, the possibilities for installing effective condition monitoring have been dependent on hard wiring solutions; however developments in wireless technology have now opened up a realm of new possibilities, from wireless to solar powered equipment monitoring.

With access to a range of sensors, energy harvesting and laser technology, MCP and its partner Endiio are able to offer bespoke predictive maintenance and condition monitoring solutions for companies with both old and new equipment, in difficult working environments as well as the more normal factory conditions.

Our predictive maintenance solutions utilise purpose built sensor units designed to meet clients’ requirements which can be retrofitted to existing equipment or built into new equipment.

If you would like to learn more about these new technologies and explore the possible opportunities for your business, please call us on: 0121 506 9032, or email us at: