MCP is pleased to announce their Corporate Partnership with SOE – The Society of Operations Engineers.

SOE is a Professional Engineering Institution and registered charity and the premier professional body for three specialist engineering sectors:

  • Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE)
  • Institute of Plant Engineers (IPlantE)
  • Bureau of Engineering Surveyors (BES)

Serving over 16,000 individual and corporate members in over 40 countries, SOE provides support to individuals and organisations to operate in safe working environments, using modern practices in a technically proficient way.

They also offer several accreditation schemes and are committed to providing their members with the knowledge and skills they need to progress in their careers through professional development.

“Through this partnership, MCP hopes to enhance the expertise and skills of SOE members by providing knowledge and advice as well as access to our range of managament and technical training courses”.

– Peter Gagg, Chief Executive, MCP Consulting Group Ltd.

In the coming months SOE and MCP are working together to develop a new national standard and associated training for technicians and operators working in the Logistics and Warehousing Industry.

This new standard, similar to that already operating in the Road Transport sector, will provide employers with the assurance that their technicians are competent to work on warehouse equipment and systems to a nationally recognised standard with accreditation by the SOE.

If your organisation would like to help develop the new standard, or if you would like to learn more, please contact us on: 0121 506 9032, or Email: