Control and Instrumentation course

Control and Instrumentation is one of MCP’s most successful courses. It brings engineers rapidly up to speed with the fundamental principles of industrial control and instrumentation so they can make a positive contribution to operational effectiveness.

Control and Instrumentation Parts 1 and 2 are in constant demand, run at our Reading site and on client’s sites they give technicians the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to undertake a number of industrial control tasks.

As shown in the images below:

Tuning a PID loop as part of our
Control & Instrumentation Part 2 course
Calibrating a  Current to Pressure Signal Conditioning Instrument in our
Control & Instrumentation Part 2 course
Team shot after successful completion of Control & Instrumentation Part 2 course for
Thames Water held at Fullers Logistics in Slough

Meet the trainer:

Matthew Reason, Senior Technical Trainer

Matthew is an experienced professional trainer and assessor in the design and delivery of Instrumentation, Control Systems and Electrical training. His practical experience helps him to stay in touch with the needs of the delegates.

About the Reading Training Centre

The Reading Training Centre offers a hands-on experience everyday equipment available for delegates to use as part of their experience. With a three-phase connection, our training centre in Reading offers classes that are taught by means of classroom-based learning and practice rigs, through training that is relevant to their everyday.

Find out more about:
Control and Instrumentation Part 1
Control and Instrumentation Part 2
Or contact our training department: Carmen Mills