Our most experienced consultants have received an IAM Accolade. Dave Porrill and Richard Fathers have earned themselves a badge from The Institute of Asset Management for their attainment in IAM Certificate and Diploma examinations.

The IAM qualifications are a demonstration of our staff’s knowledge and insight. It demonstrates our commitment to staff development and to the wider asset management sector. This IAM Accolade and qualifications reflects what is required in the workplace, support professional development at any level.

In undertaking this, MCP gains an opportunity to evaluate our consultant’s individual training needs and, because IAM qualifications are measured against national and international standards, it helps us to demonstrate our knowledge and commitment to learning and development.

Both Dave and Richard can now accept this accolade and the badge can be incorporated into their digital signature and CVs.

Well done to you both!!


The 5-day course is delivered as public workshops and onsite. It discusses the core concepts and practical applications in a highly interactive manner. This course is suitable for those with some experience of asset management (they may have some specific maintenance experience, but little knowledge of the wider context, such as business strategy, risk management, life cycle costing etc.

The 3-day workshop is more intensive. It addresses the whole syllabus of the Certificate but assumes that most of the foundations are in place. It is suitable for those with at least 3 years practical experience in the asset-intensive industry with knowledge of business strategy, risk management, life cycle costing etc. Public and private organisations invest vast sums of money in assets.

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