Did they measure up to the test?

This week delegates arrived at our dedicated Reading Training Centre, to attend the prestigious Mechanical to Electrical Part 1 course.

The image below shows them learning how to use a Multimeter by building circuits and testing them.

Multimeters are ideal items of test equipment for finding faults. One of the main uses for multimeters, whether they are analogue or digital multimeters, is to test and fault find circuits.

However, to use a multimeter to test a circuit and find faults, it is necessary to have a little knowledge about the circuit. As well as being able to adopt a logical approach in tracking down any faults that may exist.

Mechanical to Electrical Programme

The Mechanical to Electrical – Part 1 is a 4-day programme designed for technicians who have no previous electrical background. This course will enable them to perform high frequency, low risk, first-line electrical maintenance tasks. The course also includes safe isolation, replacement and testing of a range of common electrical devices (fuses, plugs, cables, bonding conductors, switches, sockets etc.) in a safe and effective manner.

The Mechanical to Electrical Part 1 course, run this week, was delivered by Matthew Reason, Senior Technical Trainer. Matthew has a proven track record of leading and delivering technical training. He is an experienced professional trainer and assessor in the design and delivery of Instrumentation, Control Systems and Electrical training.

His practical experience in the instrumentation and electrical engineering industry and his considerable experience in both national and international training has helped him to stay in touch with the needs of the delegates.

City and Guilds Accredited

Mechanical to Electrical is a City and Guilds accredited 16-day programme is offered across 4 parts, each part consisting of a 4-day programme. If you would like to know more please contact:

Do you want to measure up to the test?

Carmen Mills, Training Coordinator, who will be happy to help.
Tel: 0121 506 9030 Email: cmills@mcpeurope.com