It is not often that Peter Gagg comes across a world-class store, however, our CEO visited one this week!

Effective store policies

One of the major parts suppliers and stores management companies in Europe has been working with MCP Consulting Group Ltd. to develop effective inventory control systems for the benefit of its clients. Its store’s consultancy services utilise the latest technological storage systems, good process stocking policies and apply the principles of 5S.

Spares and parts stores often are the source of many problems for organisations because, if not properly managed, they can often cause increased downtime due to lack of parts and high stocking costs. As well as causing additional risks of obsolescence, redundant items and duplicates.

Spares and materials training

MCP Consulting Group Ltd. works with a number of organisations worldwide to develop effective stores policies and inventory management systems. We also provide tools to clean existing parts data, standardise part coding and compile bills of materials to support the implementation of CMMS systems. Training programmes are also provided on a regular basis in best practice spares parts management.

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