Technology & IOT services

Business Analytics Software

With MCP/Phusion Business Analytics Software you can turn your data into digestible, actionable and connected information. A search powered reporting and analysis platform which makes searching, interrogating and retrieving your data lightening fast and importantly, very simple.

Onsite Software Solution

The MCP/Phusion Onsite software solution is a powerful mobile and web-based software solution for the collection and inspection of asset and stock information, utilising the latest technology such as barcode, QR/RFID scanners and image capture.

Data Hierarchy Solution

Data Hierarchy Solutions can consist of ‘systems, sub-systems and packages’, ‘equipment and component parts’ or ‘personnel and responsibilities’ – whatever the type of data being stored, chances are there is a hierarchy structure in there somewhere.

Object Data Model

Over 40 years in the business services sector and a core focus on manufacturing and engineering industries, MCP/Phusion have developed a robust Object Data Model in a neutral format to converge and store asset data for your mainstream and legacy systems.

Smart Vibration Detection Sensors

The Smart Vibration Detection Sensors accumulate vibration activity, giving the user an idea of how much activity has occurred. Instead of just indicating that vibration is present, it quantifies the vibration by counting the number of vibrations detected in a user-specified time period.

Smart Humidity Detection Sensors

The Smart Humidity Detection Sensors allow you to accurately monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure. An affordable cloud-based monitoring solution for your assets gives you real-time visibility of asset performance, no matter where your assets are located.

Smart Flood Detection Sensors

The Smart Flood Detection Sensors alert you of potential property damage that results from flooding or leaks. Place this sensor anywhere flooding or faulty plumbing could cause a problem. This Sensor can also be used to detect a lack of water.

Smart Temperature Detection Sensors

The  Smart Temperature Detection Sensors detect and measure temperature in Degrees Celsius on a continual basis. Every 10 minutes the sensor will send all measured data to the Gateway which relays this data back to the Cloud.

Wireless Smart M2M Detection Gateway

The Wireless Smart M2M Detection Gateway allows your condition monitoring sensors to communicate wirelessly to your cloud-based monitoring and notification system via mobile telephone networks. This is the perfect solution for remote or retrofit locations where traditional networks or cabling is not an option.

SmartStores™ and Inventory Solution

SmartStores™ and Inventory Solution is linked to a cloud-based software that enables users to access reports and real-time management information.