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Our consultants are ‘stores management’ experts in designing, improving and managing stores in a variety of industry sectors including Transport, Food & Drink and Pharmaceutical.

In addition to this, MCP brings a wealth of practical operational experience, as well as tools, techniques and applications. This offers a 360º perspective and ensures all elements of your storeroom, availability and distribution processes are optimised.

Today’s storerooms are a fully integrated part of the business where margins can be improved, sales increased and customer expectations met. Without these, the storeroom can erode margins, compromise sales and irritate customers.

Stores management is a vital part of the overall asset management framework, providing the parts, materials and support to the maintenance teams, in order to maximise equipment availability.

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Storeroom Best Practice

Our proven services offer ‘Storeroom Best Practice’ analysis and solutions that are specific to your requirements.

Outcomes are presented as a clear, concise rationale, with a full set of operator and process SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), a detailed implementation path and suggested smart technologies to support this change.

Our solutions include:

  • Storeroom audits
  • Revised layouts
  • Productivity analysis
  • Process improvements
  • KPI development
  • Inventory Planning
  • Velocity heat maps

Techniques to optimise availability vs costs

We support our clients to employ appropriate stores management techniques to optimise availability vs costs. The benefits include:

  • Improved demand forecasting to allow for optimised inventories
  • Optimised target inventories (holding cost vs. ordering cost vs. service)
  • Tactical stock location(s) and picking strategies
  • Optimised stores design, layout, materials handling practices and workflows
  • Stores management system requirement/specifications
  • Safety stock requirements to meet specified service targets
  • Stores automation and Materials Handling Systems
  • Dynamic inventory targets reflecting varying demand patterns
  • ‘Cost to serve’ modelling to support the optimised solution

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Discover how to implement Storeroom Best Practice

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