OPEX Operations Performance Excellence

Operations Cost Improvement – the need to increase Business Performance

Global competition demands World-Class Business Performance – but do you know how to measure this?

Are your margins being squeezed by retailers? Is profitability becoming harder to maintain?

Are your manufacturing costs increase and possibly growing out of control?

You know there are opportunities for improvement within your business – but you don’t know how to find them?

If you recognise these challenges, then MCP’s OPEX programme – is for you.


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Operations Performance Excellence Programme – offers a holistic view

OPEX has been specifically designed to benchmark and support the improvement process by combining the best possible consultancy techniques with the latest in technological advances.

OPEX will provide opportunities for improvement within your current operating strategy and measure your true operational excellence. OPEX will give you a guaranteed return on investment of at least 5:1 within 12 months.

OPEX is designed to deliver sustainable long-term benefits in manufacturing and people performance leading to increased profit and reduced cost of goods.

OPEX benchmarking and analysis enable important and valuable opportunities to be identified and realistic action plans to be developed. Achievable benefits are linked to the implementation stages.

OPEX enables you to unlock the true potential of your productive assets. Improving your capital efficiency leading to profitable growth for your business. OPEX can be used on single or multi-site operations.

OPEX – the process comprises

  • Benchmarking of current performance using predefined criteria
  • Measuring current performance
  • Implementing improvements in selected pilot areas
  • Supporting sustainable change through coaching of staff

OPEX – the programme activities

We work with your operators, engineers, production teams and managers to identify and focus on your key performance issues.

We then develop a suitable implementation plan designed to deliver savings and improvements as quickly as possible whilst training and guiding your teams in the improvement methodology.

We start the programme in a pilot area or production line to demonstrate the process and savings using proven Continuous Improvement techniques.

Once established then support the rollout to other areas.

OPEX Operations Performance Excellence


Typical areas of benefit:

  • Increased plant efficiency
  • Increased output
  • Increased reliability
  • Improved use of technology and information systems

The Internet of Things – shaping the way we do business

The Internet of Things is changing the landscape of manufacturing. However, the real transformation occurring today and the added value is to move towards a higher level of data integrity. Those companies that embrace the ‘single source of truth’ for all data and fuse this with benchmarking products and improvement processes gain a 360° view that drives their business insights.

It is true that technological advances are shaping the way in which we do business. As a result of technology, businesses can run more efficiently, lower their production costs and improve operating performance to achieve the best possible return on investment.

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